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Bohema. Sparking wine


Development of sparkling wine’s trademark consisting of three flavours in low-end range

Russian consumer is mostly interested in the type of wine beverage, country of origin, but not in the trademark. That is why design plays a crucial role in promoting champagne in the local market. Design has to make the product stand out from competitors with similar set of characteristics. And, not just to attract a certain group of consumers specifically to champagne’s trademark. In the course of the marketing research, we came to understand the stereotypes of the target audience. Client was hoping to see a bright label. However we insisted that our consumer is more susceptible to the classic champagne branding. That decided our approach to solving the problem.

Since champagne in this price range is mostly bought by people with low income “for special occasion”, this beverage for them is an attribute of celebration. The beverage should not just be a part of family festivity, but also in some way supplement it. Idle, luxurious lifestyle, free from everyday routine is often associated with Bohemia, which is something that an average consumer can experience very rarely, therefore highly appreciating such moments and preparing for them as if they were weddings. And during weddings our target audience celebrates with champagne. That is how the name of the future product – BOHEMA — appeared.

Consumer treats champagne almost as a centrepiece of the table. Excessive style austerity and briefness that are typical of premium champagne labels, will scare away consumers with lower income. Excessive use of gold, monograms and other decorative details would cause it to disappear amongst the competitors. It was important to find “the middle ground”.That is how Cupids holding flower bunches appeared. It is an image that embodies exquisite luxury and romanticism of Baroque and Renaissance engravings, but is balanced with kitsch pastiche.The label’s shape was made complex stamped. Cupids stand out from the bottle’s background and are easy to remember.We chose to avoid the decision of most competitors to use rectangular labels and developed easy to understand colour differentiation. We went with white colour for the classic beverage and associative shades for the fruit flavours: green for pear and yellow for peach.

Creative Director: Artem Shutov
Art Director: Eugeny Kalashnikov
Designer: Darya Medvedeva
Copyrighter: Olga Obvintseva
Pre-press: Dmitriy Yakushevich

Categories: packaging design, brand concept, naming

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