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Boxberry. Delivery Service

Boxberry Company (Ural-Press Group)

To create a name and corporate identity for a new company

The logo idea was inspired by the name of the company. Boxberry is a neologism comprised of words “box” and “berry”. A cluster of bright dots in the top part of the logo symbolizes the multitude of delivery points across the country. They resemble bright berries scattered across a meadow. The square shape of the logo simultaneously resembles a delivered parcel and a big berry (raspberry or blackberry).

Creative Director: Artem Shutov
Copywriter: Vera Musaelyan
Art Director: Eugeniy Kalashnikov
Logo Design: Eugeniy Kalashnikov
Site Design: Dina Bayko
Account Manager: Daria Medvedeva

Categories: identity, brand concept, naming, retail

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