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Bukvarius. Coloribus

Bukvarius Company (Ural-Press Group)

To develop a promotional material of Bukvarius Company, provider of textbooks and teaching materials for schools all over Russia. It should be interesting both for parents/teachers and children.

To open the brand idea «Knowledge through the game» in the creation of a colorful collection of riddles and puzzles called «Coloribus» instead of making up an ordinary informational promotional material. Different crosswords, puzzles and colorings can engage children and adults in the world of «Bukvarius» for a long time. In the very heart of «Coloribus» there was hidden an origami frog, so somebody can not only assemble it, but arrange fun competitions in long jumps. Brand graphics and color palette were also respected — promotional booklet turned into an effective marketing tool.

Creative Director: Artem Shutov
Art Director: Olga Mosina
Designer: Olga Mosina
Illustrator: Sergey Ermakov
Copywriter: Alexander Kuznetsov
Account Manager: Maria Potapova

Categories: for kids, naming, promotion

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