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Bukvarius. 8th of March Gift 2014

Bukvarius Company (Ural-Press Group)

To create an 8th of March gift for Bukvarius clients. It should be useful and carry charge of vivacity and positive emotions.

«Sweets are a guarantee of a good mood!» — this is the main idea that guided Brandiziac in creating the gift. It was embodied in a set of two items: fruit jellies, which will replenish supply of vitamins and positive emotions, and the card with warm spring wishes. Gift design was made ​​in bright spring colors.

Creative Director: Artem Shutov
Art Director: Eugeniy Kalashnikov
Designer: Sergey Ermakov
Copywriters: Olga Obvintseva, Alexander Kuznetsov
Account Manager: Natalia Paklina

Categories: packaging design, corporate gifts

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