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Logo for Ekaterinburg Arena

Ekaterinburg Arena

Develop a logo for the new central stadium of Ekaterinburg, which was built for the Football World Cup 2018.

City’s central stadium has seen a few partial and complete reconstructions. Keeping the historic front of the building has always been a special requirement. Nowadays the new central stadium is recognised not only by the famous fragments of walls, which are the cultural heritage of the Soviet neoclassicism, but also by the new nucleus of the architectural concept — an atrium with a canopy resembling a huge bowl. We decided to keep the tradition when creating the new logo for Ekaterinburg Arena and to use the graphic approach which we laid in the navigation design and in decorating internal and external space of the stadium.

This is how we reflected recognisable parts of the building and transferred graphical solutions that had already been implemented in the stadium on the new signature style of the sports venue. Designing the logo we used the lines in the style of art objects located on the stadium walls. Lines and strips were used in typographic treatment in all of the elements of the navigation system.
The logo is monochromatic, but it’s practical. If there is a need to add colours, it will be easy to implement them into our solution.
The way of writing of the sports object is graphically embedded into the logo design. They are a single unit, i.e. the font is part of the object, and therefore there is a visual connection with the stadium front’s LED screen, which has already become its landmark.

Creative Director: Artem Shutov
Art Director: Raisa Razuntsova
Designer, prepress: Evgeniya Aksenova

Categories: identity, brand concept

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