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“Nasha Masha” (Our Masha) in new “clothes”

Group of companies Molochnyi Kit (Dairy Whale)

To develop the design of MolochnyicKit’s new products and to modernise the design of the whole dairy products’ range.

Brandiziac developed the design of “Nasha Masha” packaging in 2014. Since then the company has entrusted the agency with the creation of “new clothes” for the new products appearing in the dairy range. This time we had a task of developing the packaging design for creamy baby porridge and new biolacts. Although 3 years after creation the packaging design of the trademark seems attractive and relevent to the targeted audience, agency’s specialists added originality and producibility to the design of new products in “Nasha Masha” range. We improved the visual presentation of the packaging design as a whole and enhanced the informative part of the packaging with specially designed stamps (pictographs), which convey the sense of quality, benefit and safety for kids in categories 6+ and 8+.

Categories: packaging design, for kids, product design, redizajn, redizayn-etiketki, retail

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