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New Year’s Stories
. Christmas Cookies Package Design

Slada Confectionery

Our goal was to create a Christmas cookies packaging that brings festive mood. No excessive solemnity, but a gift to compliment the loved ones.

The packaging design evolved from the title of the series — “New Year’s Stories”. Our stories have their own charming characters: the white bear, sleeping peaceably in the New Year’s Eve, and the “festive” moose, dressed as a Christmas tree. Funny “New Year’s Stories” illustrations raise a smile and create the appropriate pre-Christmas mood and drive us away from the hassle back to our childhood. We can find the small stories inside the package as well — on the magnets put in the box.

Designer: Olga Mosina
Illustrator: Olga Mosina
Account Manager: Daria Medvedeva

Awards:Short-list «Idea» 2012, «Label and Packing» categoryShort-list «Kiev International Advertising Festival» 2011, Package Design

Categories: packaging design, for kids

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