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SKB bank. Outdoor Advertising 2011-2012


To develop and actualize a creative communication idea for 2011-2012 that would be in tune with bank’s philosophy – the first national bank with a sense of humor. The idea must be adaptive to more than 20 bank’s products (crediting, deposits, settlement and cash services etc) and fluid in terms of adapting to different media (indoor, outdoor, print, promo, Internet, audio, souvenirs and gifts).

In order to make the campaign effective we had to draw as much attention to the image as possible, make people want to come back to it, to follow the campaign’s development and wait for another image to appear. We made children main characters of the campaign. Not those glossy children that all look alike, but real, lively and truly funny. Their emotions were supplemented with quotes from the poet Vladimir Vishnevskiy. The balance between pure frankness and sharp humor created the unexpected approach to bank’s communication. For instance in crediting communication a funny red-haired girl with freckles is showing her tongue while the quote says “do you mind if i don’t tell you what i need the money for?” – thus answering the question of purpose of borrowing in the credit application form.

The new advertising campaign caused a wide discussion in popular forums and mass media during the whole period of its activity. Also as an indirect effect of the campaign SKB bank received a Best Bank of Russia national award from the Russian Banks Association.

Creative Director: Artem Shutov
Strategist: Tatyana Zelutina
Copywriters: Vera Musaelyan, Dmitriy Ardeyev, Olga Obvintseva, Igor Kostrikov
Art Director: Eugeniy Kalashnikov
Designers: Olga Mosina, Aleksandr Burdin, Dina Bayko
Account managers: Antonina Simakova, Daria Medvedeva

Category: promotion

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