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Ural-Press. New Year Gift 2014

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Ural-Press subscription and delivery agency

To create a New Year gift for clients of the company.

The main idea was to show the care and warmth that are so desirable for the New Year holidays. A set for an enjoyable winter pastime — thermo mug, French cocoa and a recipe book — became a solution. Beautiful and practical thermo mug keeps drinks hot in the frost and can warm up in the way. For pattern development agency recruited illustrator — style of graphics can be described as delicate and feminine.

Sincere and sweet gift, designed to make winter warmer and the holidays tastier.

Creative Director: Artem Shutov
Art Director: Eugene Kalashnikov
Illustrator: Natalia Tyulkina
Designer: Ekaterina Shkraba
Copywriter: Alexander Kuznetsov
Account Manager: Natalia Paklina

Categories: packaging design, corporate gifts, promotion, product design

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