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Ural-Press. New Year Gift 2012

Ural-Press subscription and delivery agency

To create an idea of a New Year present for agency’s corporate clients.

The idea originated around the very important person in the agency, the one people see every day – the courier. He is the one who delivers fresh press every day, precisely on time. What makes him so punctual? Some magical trait that inspired our designers to create a character in the spirit of “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” and “Despicable Me”

The idea was embodied in a unique “magical” wall clock. Positive and friendly character and the use of scrapbooking technique helped to create a warm-hearted New Year compliment. The slogan – magical precision – communicates the responsibility of Ural-Press and emphasises its high work standards.

Creative Director: Artem Shutov
Art Director: Olga Mosina
Designer: Olga Mosina
Illustrator: Elena Sedova
Account managers: Daria Medvedeva, Maria Potapova

Categories: packaging design, corporate gifts, promotion, product design

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