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  1. Marketing audit of the brand
  2. Analysis of competitive environment, company’s internal environment, needs of the market
  3. Company/brand marketing strategy:
    • long-term objectives
    • portfolio of trademarks
    • product range strategy
    • pricing policy
    • distribution strategy
    • communication strategy
    • implementation of the chosen strategy
  4. Marketing support


  1. Naming
  2. Identity: logo, corporate style, brandbook
  3. Package design

Brand campaigns

  1. Creative concepts for advertising campaigns
  2. Brand/company creative support

Corporate gifts

  1. Creative gift ideas
  2. Design concepts for gifts and gift package
  3. Management of production

Environmental design

  1. Creative and graphic concepts
  2. Navigational systems
  3. Navigation mediums and environment styling
  4. Management of navigation mediums production