Appetite: dishes for those who love to create

Pilot MS

To develop a new packaging design for the range of cookware and kitchen accessories of the Appetite brand. To increase the perceived cost of products together with their visibility on a store shelf. To adapt the new packaging design to different types of products.

To cook is to create. To come up with new tastes, explore different combinations of ingredients, make your own dishes. It is always interesting. You can cook anything you want if you have the right tools. We took this idea as a starting point when we created a new packaging design for Appetite.

The idea of the brand is embedded in the name itself, we just had to develop it by adding color and emotion. We used a cooking book as a source of inspiration and portrayed fresh products and appetizing ready dishes in a form of a building kit. In order to emphasize variety we used a separate color scheme and photographs for each category of products. The segmented images work well to create a certain rhythm on a store shelf and attract the attention of customers.

And what is more important, the package brings up the question: "What else can i cook with this?" The answer is simple: anything you want.
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