Boxberry delivery service, Ural-Press group of companies.

Boxberry delivery service has been our customer ever since its opening. Working together for a few years, we have completed several interesting projects. For the New Year of 2019 we were tasked with creating an original gift set for customers.

Idea / Solution:
We develop corporate gifts for Boxberry annually, and each time we strive to emphasise one of our client's strengths. For example, the year before we used images of superheroes, but this time we chose the theme of "health and sports." And the Olympic motto "Faster, Higher, Stronger!" certainly matches the corporate spirit of Boxberry.

That is how we came up with the idea of 'Boxberrycs'. The company is a large delivery service team, similar to the Olympic team, where everyone is a real champion, the best of the best. Each activity of the company is a separate sport. And employees, like real Olympians, strive for victory, trying to achieve maximum results in their work.
We came up with 14 sports events, where each name correlates with the activity of each department and field of work: 'markethletics' - the marketing department, "konsultathlon" - the call centre, "deliverski" - the delivery department, "balanceboarding" - accounting.

We decided that the calendar characters should have real prototypes - employees of the company. Our illustrator drew portraits from photographs, trying not only to reflect the essence of an employee's work, but also to convey individual's aspects of personality.

The gift set included a quarterly calendar, a New Year card and sports-themed gifts: a water flask, a mini-dumbbell and a phone bag.
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