Ltd «MKI»

This project was distinctive due to the expansion of an established design of kinetic sand «Dobr Bobr», which now includes a whole new brand line of products for children of different ages. When we had just started working on packaging for kinetic sand, it seemed that besides creating a bright design, it would be great to come up with a character with its own story — a nice and kind beaver, who is a friend and a mentor, with whom children will enjoy playing. As a result, the idea was a great success: the brand became recognisable and loved by children. Since then «Dobr Bobr» has grown and released a series of similar games. Our task was to adapt the old design to new products.

In the new design the main character — kind beaver — became the guarantor of the product quality and was placed in the left part of the package, giving way to the characters of the series. We decided to make the product part of the package as attractive as possible — especially for children. The image of an unusual animated clay or sand figure evokes imagination and creativity: for example, a stick found on the street can become a sword, and a giraffe made of kinetic material — a real animal. A vivid illustration of the product's capabilities encourages a child to sculpt something similar or even better. At the same time, a recognisable logo, a description and intuitive icons of the product's characteristics will help parents make the right choice.
The new series «Dobr Bobr» is intended for children from 2-3 years old to 6 and older. Therefore, in order to highlight products for each age, we used different colours: pure, pastel shades for toddlers, more expressive, bright colours for children from 5 years and older.
In the end we had a memorable, concise solution, easily adaptable for any new products, while maintaining the consolidated style and tonality, which «Dobr Bobr» brand uses to address the consumer.

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