Wind power in the new design of EastWind

Eastwind Company

To create new visual identity for Eastwind, the company, providing software solutions for infocommunications industry. To change the perception of the company, to create a modern, emotional brand that gives new opportunities to telecom companies.

We created a new brand identity based on the renewed company principles: talking simple about complex things, open communication, flexibility and initiative. Images of wind, sky and freedom have become the platform for rebranding. Eastwind new visual identity continues the idea of the logo and is built on the image of unlimited airspace in which objects float, driven by the force of wind. The idea is implemented by using pure white background, a variety of bright light elements, transparency and smooth lines.The idea of the dynamics and mutual development is reflected in company's slogan: «Move to improve».

Awards: Short-list «White Square»-2012, «Redesign of corporate identity» category