Waffle cone and "liquid ice cream" in Ehrmann cocktails


To develop a packaging design concept for a new product line of milkshakes under the Ehrmighurt trademark. The line includes two milkshakes with melted ice cream flavors: vanilla and chocolate. The main task for design was to convey the taste of the product to consumers through the visual image on the packaging, while maintaining the basic elements of brand identity.

Classic waffle cone with a scoop of delicious ice cream becomes the visual basis of the design concept. The form of waffle cone at the bottom of the package supportes the branded Ehrmighurt check mark. The splash of milk, pouring on the top of ice cream, makes the milkshake look like a «liquid ice cream» and conveys the taste and consistency of the product.

At the beginning of the summer season, in June 2015, new Ehrmighurt milkshakes appeared on the store shelves across Russia.

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