Finnest: Finnish quality and environmental friendliness of cheese curd snacks

«Altervest» Group of companies

To develop the concept of a new brand of cottage cheese, a name, a logo and a packaging design. The new brand is designed to represent an idea of high-quality and environmentally friendly milk product. For this purpose there was a requirement to use the Scandinavian and Finnish themes as the basis for the new brand concept — in the perception of the audience these themes are the most «common place» of the main idea understanding.

«Clean as a mountain spring air, refreshing coolness, warm sweater, the smell of freshly baked bread and sweet taste of cottage cheese…». New brand concept of cottage cheese is concentrated around great taste, guaranteed high quality of the product. It also uses the stereotype perception of Finland as a territory which is traditionally well known for its high-quality and environmentally friendly milk products. «The best Finnish milk product» — is the literal sound of the brand concept.Name corresponds to a given theme and was built by combining two easy words from the English language — «Finnish» and «the finest» (the best).New brand logo continues the theme of the Finnish product: the basis uses the Finnish flag colors (blue and white) and a bold font gives solidity to the whole structure. The shape of a leaf, used as a point above the letter «i», emphasizes eco-friendly character of the brand.To achieve the impression of freshness, packaging design used images of the morning, freshly baked bread, nature and the sun. The range of new brand consists of three flavors — differentiation is achieved by the traditional for a category color principle.

New brand of cottage cheese «Finnest» started its production in December 2014 and is actively sold not only in supermarkets in and around Moscow, but also in the HoReCa segment.
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