'GoodLine': Mobile assistant during travels

World Travel Telecom

Package redesign (retaining the basic colors and logo). Adaptation to 4 new tariff plans: Good Vacation, Good Travel, Good Internet, Planet Good. Goodline is the first Russian company that provides efficient international roaming services to its clients. Goodline is your trusty travel companion that helps you keep in touch with the world.

The main problem with package was the need to accommodate a large amount of information about different tariff plans. That is why we decided to start by creating a new make-up structure. The front part was divided into blocks that allow for easier information perception. The logo of the company, its name and key features of the tariff plan are now easier to read off. The key position on the package belongs to the photo image that emphasises the functionality of the given tariff plan and adds emotional tinge to its rational benefits. It also serves as a differentiating tool. Thus, on the Good Internet tariff package that is aimed at active internet users who want to be online 24/7 we placed a photo of famous New York taxis. Users travelling around Europe in search of bright emotions and experiences will see an image of a bicycle in an Amsterdam setting on the package of Good Travel tariff package.

The new Goodline tariff plan line in package by Brandiziac will be present in network tourist agencies. The make-up structure is adaptive to new products of the brand.
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