Freedom from conventionalities: architects and designers set off for Mount Belaya to experience hiking trails
Working on a serious project is not always associated with the image of a classic white-collar worker. Sometimes it's better to be free from conventionalities and, forgetting about the office routine, make a step towards adventures. That is exactly what happened, when a team of architects and designers from Brandiziac agency went on a trip to the Belaya Mount. It is the first tourism cluster in the Ural region, just a couple of hours drive from Yekaterinburg. Soon it will boast a new infrastructure for outdoor activities: ski slopes, extreme rafting and just cosy Ural villages. At the moment the concept of the project and design documentation are being finalised, and we decided to test how easy it is to navigate the terrain. We followed the same path as future tourists in order to come up with an idea of easy to understand navigation. We fully immerse ourselves for each project, so we could not miss the opportunity to personally experience the scale of the Belaya Mount.