Green lifestyle in a bottle of 'Zelenaya Rosha' (Green Grove)

Design of packaging for drinking water "Zelenaya Roshcha".

New drinking water "Zelenaya Roshcha" got its name from the park in downtown Yekaterinburg. It is an ecological island of city life – filled with purity and freshness of nature itself. This had to be reflected in the design and the shape of the package itself. The ideas was to create a product in "lifestyle" category, which enhances and improves an everyday life of a city dweller.

Unique shape, eye-catching label and uncharacteristic for products in this price range greenish colour of the package make it stand out among other examples of drinking water. The bottle's look and shape give the feeling of owning a piece of nature, experiencing the sense of freshness and relaxation under the green leaves of the famous city park, pleasure of walking through the green grove. Foil on the inside of the label gives optical illusions created by the effect of light and reflections. Aerial perspective on the green branches, enhanced by volume imitation of leaves on the bottle itself gives the feeling of touching the nature. At the same time, metallic styling of the label's surface enhances brand's personalisation and high quality product's perception. This finds an emotional response in a perceptive consumer.