Business company "Spetstorg"


Russian manufacturer of household goods gave us a task to develop a design for the basic collection of kitchen utensils. Packaging design was supposed to tell the potential buyer that inexpensive dishes can be elegant and of high quality.

Idea / Solution:

The collection of basic utensils consists of pots and pans that are required in every kitchen. It includes several lines that differ in shape and material: "Sonate", "Brut", "Speise", "Granite", "Bravo", "Onix", "Flammkuchen". We picked up fonts and colour schemes that resonate in sentiment with the names, and also serve to differentiate mini-collections.
We intentionally discarded the classical cliche approach to the design of packaging for dishes, so we did not use images of products and ready-made dishes. We used object photography to create composition. The dishes on their own are in the centre of attention, as if they are gliding through the air – as if that they are not simply kitchen utensils, but a source of inspiration.
To add dynamics to the overall composition, we placed the logo vertically. Such packaging visually highlights the goods on the shelf and draws buyer's attention.
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