Le Frua: Printing as a sign of quality


To develop a new visual identity for Le Frua chocolate, the private label of the retail chain, and adapt it to two different chocolate product lines. The first line consists of chocolate treats with wide range of tastes and fillings. The second one, rich in cacao, belongs to premium category and consists of classic dark and milk chocolate, truffles and gift sets.

Brandiziac has used a chocolatier stamp as a primary unifying design element, emphasizing the product quality. The new Le Frua stamp can be used on different backgrounds or types of packaging, allowing to easily extend the product range. Being neatly inserted into the logo The Gallic Rooster, the symbol of France, adds uniqueness to the mark.Natural nuts, fruits or colorful dragee in combination with chocolate cast your mind to romantic Paris, Montmartre, where the French carelessness and spring spirits dominate. Bright colorful splashes, as if the artist jauntily shakes off his brush, will cheer you up even in a most rainy day.This is how we depict the democratic product line for those who look for more than just chocolate.The new design of Le Frua Premium line is rather clear in accordance with the category requirements and consumer expectations. Foil stamping and rich texture emphasize the history and family traditions of making Le Frua chocolate.Le Frua is a brand that unifies the true chocolate lovers who wish to please theirselves or present an exquisite gift.
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