'Light Flight': Lightness and flight

Slada Confectionery

To create a consumer brand within a new category of confectionery products. Develop a name and design for a line of premium class products.

The main distinctions of the line are the use of all-natural ingredients and lightness without detriment to taste. It's a line of low-calorie confectionery products that contain no flour or sugar. They contain all-natural ingredients: oat and rye flakes, dried fruit, nuts and berries. In order to underline these features we developed a creative idea, that emphasizes brand's airiness and healthiness. Our source of inspiration was a woman's silhouette: light, energetic, sporty.

The concept found its reflection in naming, thus the Light Flight name was created. The idea of lightness and slimness was further developed in packaging design through a graphic solution that reminds of a slim woman's waist. Clear pastel tones and bright color accents also stress the idea. We decided to place nutrition value information on the front of the package in order to further emphasize product's lightness and set it aside from other, less healthy confectionery products. Through original design and naming the new brand exists simultaneously in two categories: confectionery products and healthy eating.
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