Pilot MS, Myron Cook trademark

The team of the Brandiziac agency was given the task of developing packaging for the range of cast-iron cookware, while catering for the main wish of the client - to create a "masculine" design.

Iron casting is a difficult job and is considered the work of real men. The material itself determines the brutal style of packaging design. While looking for a solution, we turned to the history of cast-iron cookware production and of hard liquor. We managed to organically combine both "masculine" themes in design.
The label resembles branding iron - a particular kind of quality mark, which artisans used to put on their products in the past. At the same time, black and white colour range, font style and text layout refer to the tradition of labelling whiskey, scotch and bourbon.
Such design highlights the product on the store shelf, where colour packaging predominates. Historical reference creates an image of a product with the time-tested quality. Many people know from their own experience that cast-iron cookware will serve more than one family generation.
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