'No Chew For You' "talking" bottle

Pet-Master-Mind /Canada/

To develop a packaging design concept for a new pet product for the US and Canada markets. The new product has to protect the owner's items from the 'bad habits' of their favorite pets. The main task for design was to make the packaging stand out from the competitors through avoiding the traditional category images and visual techniques, to make the packaging more emotional and vivid, to convey to customers the purpose and benefits of the product. The name for new product has already been selected by the client — «No Chew For You».

The packaging design of repulsive animal spray is traditionally based on the following visual images: cat and dog photos or comic illustrations with cute pets demonstrating very vivid emotions of horror and disgust. The product name «No Chew For You» is full of prohibiting sense and brightly colored emotionally, so we decided to build a package according to the principles of advertising media, where the brand solves the consumer problem. Developed illustration conveys the basic idea of the product and the brand name is transformed into dog owner's direct speech and becomes the solution slogan. Bright red background color in combination with white and blue accents highlights package on the shelf among the competitors. Do you want your dog to stop spoiling things ?! You need «No Chew For You!»