The reconstruction of this object from the vast space Soviet printing house into an office and storage building became its unique feature. Complex internal logistics of the building, the presence of through passages and dead-ends, a large number of office tenants who require a high-quality wayfinding system - all of that formed the foundation of our solution. It was necessary to create a budget, universal multi-level tool with office and warehouse wayfinding, which would be convenient for most tenants.

The design concept was influenced by the architecture of the building: a graphite front and yellow tiled walls. We liked the idea of square tiles being an ideal form for premises with complex geometry, where it is not always possible to place wide rectangles with information. Three colours were chosen as a basis. Yellow is the marking which is present on the signs or at the final point (office number, toilet, elevator, etc.), also it is a bright focal point of the edging of the elements. White colour is responsible for wayfinding in the office part, and graphite - in the warehouse.

Ultimately, we had a functional wayfinding system, organically perceived at all levels: the outer territory, where drivers need to navigate quickly, at each entrance and exit, as well as throughout the entire interior space of the facility (passages, stairways, corridors, storage rooms, etc.).