Novouralsky Myasnoi Dvor: Immortal classic for those who honour traditions

Novoural'skiy meat plant

To redesign the package for Novoural'skiy Myasnoy Dvor brand, simplify and create an easy-to-understand system of differentiation. To create a new slogan. Problems of previous package: Oversaturation with graphical elements and unnecessary details. Different product positions were indistinguishable from one another.

According to current brand values – traditional quality, full-value nutrition and family values – we created a traditional label. The logo became bigger, simpler and easier to understand. The basic elements of differentiation: color, pattern based on the ornament from previous package and brand image (monochrome or color). The new design is perceived as clean, bright, laconic and allows for further development of the product line. What we achieved is a classic design for a brand of meat products for everyone, who appreciates classic and respects tradition.In order to maintain the reputation of a local manufacturer, who values the high quality of products we created a new idea of communication. The slogan "All is well with meat" embodies the company's philosophy: our high quality meat goes perfectly with everything.
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