To develop the concept and the design of wrapping of a gift for the International Women's Day on the 8th March. The souvenir must be elegant in form and useful in content.

Our portfolio contains many corporate gifts for various clients. Although there are quite a few bright and bold projects, this time we decided not to take a "shortcut", opting instead for decorating the gift package for the 8th March in a feminine way, using sweet tones.
We chose the Provence style for an easy romantic presentation. "European country" is associated with harmony, spring nature, sun and wonderful feeling. Every woman dreams about finding herself in such a paradise-like ambience. That is how "Lavender feeling" emerged. It can be felt with the whole body and even tasted. The gift includes liquid soap, aromatic sachet, marshmallows and a recipe-book. A set of sweet moments and tender sensations.

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