Wayfinding system for the reconstructed complex of buildings of the hospital of Verkh-Isetsky plant.

The Sinara-Development company restored the ensemble of the hospital buildings of the Verkh-Isetsky Plant - an architectural monument of the first half of the 19th century. Cultural and exhibition complex Sinara Centre has been housed in four renovated buildings. We were approached by the client when the facility had been undergoing decoration work. Our team was to develop the logo of a new cultural centre, create external and internal wayfinding, seamlessly fitting it into the historical context.

Idea / Solution:
In order to preserve the atmosphere of the beginning of the 19th century, we used the colour of brass in the design concept. Sinara Centre's logo turned out to be concise, containing the stylised letter "C" and the name of the cultural and exhibition complex.

For wayfinding and information stands, we have chosen a modern antiqua type, which carries a historical context. The traditional arrow indicating the direction of movement was replaced by an angle - it visually combines the text into a single block. In order to highlight the labels for speakers of different languages, we used the direct and italic font style.
At the main gate the guests encounter a wayfinding stand with information about the architectural monument's past and the layout of the main objects. The same stand is placed at the gate overlooking the square, so pedestrians coming from Kommunarov Square can learn about the new cultural object.
There are signs on the premises that help visitors navigate around the buildings. Their foundations are stylised lampposts that emphasise the historical context. And there are facade plates decorated in generic style at the entrances of the buildings.

Internal wayfinding is neatly integrated into the interiors, an individual solution was selected for each surface. We have developed a series of wayfinding media: signs, stands, plates and pictograms to indicate technical rooms.
The agency team completed a full cycle of work at the venue: from developing ideas and designing to production and installation of structures.
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