To develop the design of packaging for three types of dessert processed cheese without an emphasis on the trademark logo. New product has to attract attention of different buyers' categories.

Dessert is a special pleasure for both children and adults. That is why we aimed to assert the product as something the whole family can enjoy.It was the matter of choosing between children images, which equally evoke the feelings of familiarity and happiness in adults, and humanified signs similar to Emoji smiles. Yes, it was a simple, understandable and highly needed by everyone smile, which formed the basis of the concept. Our packaging has literally become the face of the trademark by smiling and winking at the buyers. All the products in line are happy guys, but each has a unique character. These faces attract buyers and evoke smiles in response. Each one chooses and buys his or her own sweet emotion.Consumer might not see the name of the product but will recognize its "face". By the way, the designers of the agency — the authors of the project — participated in the product photosession.