Reliability and national character in the 'Slavyana' brand


To create a name and package design for a new brand of low-price ceramic cookware. To emphasize the main characteristics of the brand: Russian origin, traditionality, technology, ecological compatibility and family values.

The name Slavyana stresses the national character of the brand. Slavyana is a woman's name, that embodies the image of housewife, mistress of the kitchen. Slavyana is very understanding, she knows what you want and is great at helping in the kitchen. The logo utilizes the image of a horse which is characteristic for traditional Russian wooden toy – in its modern understanding.The differentiation system is built around a classic colour principle: the photos of vegetables serve as colour markers. This makes Slavyana cookware look modern, original and very gastronomical.

The new ceramic cookware brand combines the traditionality and technology and possesses an original modern Russian sound.

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