'Celebration every day' - a gift for Ural-Press clients

Ural-Press subscription and delivery agency

To develop a collective New Year gift for the clients of Ural-Press.

To create a "Every Day is a Holiday" tabletop game that can be played at corporate events and enjoyed in a family circle.

"Every Day is a Holiday" is a variation of a well-known game called "Crocodile". The players draw cards and have to explain words from those cards with gestures. The goal is to name different traditional and contemporary holidays from around the world. We collected more than 600 holidays and picked 365 from them – one for each day of the year. Every card contains 1 holiday and 5 things associated with it. The total amount of cards in the game is 365, so the total amount of associations is 1825.The most important and interesting holidays are illustrated with colorful graphic stories – 21 in total. The gift set contains: a box, game field, chips, game instructions (which contain game rules and descriptions of the most interesting holidays) and game cards.
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