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Client: Х5 Retail Group

«Zernitsa» — is a trademark (store brand) of the X5 Retail Group retail network. Bakery confectionery products are already being produced under this brand. The Brandiziac team was faced with the challenge of creating packaging for a new line of pasta with the same name. The new product was to compete with other well-known Russian manufacturers.

Idea / Solution:

Traditionally, brand is the centrepiece of the pasta packaging. We have decided to focus on the product itself. Bright, aromatic pasta mixed with sauce draws attention and stimulates appetite.

Contrasting colours – black and green – visually divide the package into two sections. One of them contains the image of the ready meal, and the other depicts products needed for its preparation. It is kind of like a recipe in pictures, when you immediately see what the finished meal would look like.
Special attention is paid to object photography: the meal itself and the original products were photographed. For each type of pasta product a sauce was chosen with main ingredient as a differentiating element: sweet pepper for a twisted pasta, tomatoes for spaghetti, mushrooms for conchiglie, avocado for snail shells.
Bright differentiating products of the same colour with sauce. They complement each other and create the necessary colour emphasis on the packaging.
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