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Farfalle. "Tulips" Collection


To create design of a new collection of porcelain dish set for Gala-Center wholesale trade center.

We decided to use functionality as a basis for design concept – the collection is aimed at mass audience of people who want to perceive the appetising effect of the disn as well as of the food. The combination of aesthetics and appetising effect of the main illustration became the general aspect of design.That is why we suggested to use the Botanical Art genre, which is classical to the european premium-segment china. The agency collaborated with British artist Rosie Sanders, who has a very sharp understanding of color, light and shade. It was the first time working with a Russian agency for Rosie, and the first time working as an illustrator for porcelain products.As a theme we used terry tulips with their “fiery” petals, unopened buds, bright, live color pallet and a very detailed graphical execution. Composition was developed separately for each item taking into consideration their individual form.

The Farfalle new collection is aesthetically and practically adjusted. New items gradually start to appear on the shelves in network retail shops. They inspire customers and depict Gala-Center as a producer of quality and beautiful items.

Creative Director: Artem Shutov
Art Director: Daria Medvedeva
Illustrator: Rosie Sanders

Categories: naming, product design

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