Brandiziac is a diverse team of strategists, creators, designers, architects and technicians specialising in various fields who stand out thanks to their thoughtful approach and attention to detail. Our experience in different areas enables us to create brands for the consumer market and a comfortable environment for people.
Artyom Shutov
Founder and Creative Director

"In order to bring financial results for the client's investments we research his business goals. The experience of working with different markets enables good understanding of needs and preferences of the audience. Our solutions help clients increase profits. Even when the project is finished, we follow its implementation and analyse the effectiveness. In long-term cooperation this allows us to adjust the approach or, on the contrary, extend the idea to other projects."

Ekaterina Shkraba
Project Art Director
Anna Golovina
Chief Architect Designer
Ekaterina Drugomilova
Project Art Director
Pavel Repin
Head of Technical Design
Natalya Gosteva
Project Coordinator
Marina Stepchenko
Sales Development Manager