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Reimar. Polymer Baths


To develop a name, logo, slogan, label designs and promotional materials for the new trademark of baths.

The brand-new baths are producing according to the latest innovative technologies and consist of three materials. Polymer coating makes them warm and silent, steel — light and durable, enamel — aesthetic. Thus, it’s important to emphasize the fact that the brand is committed to provide customers the best choice in sanitary engineerings. Based on this, the agency has been developed a name «Reimar» (from old German «regin» advice + «mari» nice). In turn, the slogan «Reimar — thrice better» emphasizes both the name and the idea of ​​a three-layer technology of baths manufacturing. Continuation of the better choice idea became branded tick in the logo. And the image of the little yellow duck is an emotional way to animate strict workability both the product and design.

Creative director: Artem Shutov
Strategist: Tatyana Zelutina
Copywriters: Olga Obvintseva, Daria Khlyapova
Art-director: Evgeniy Kalashnikov
Designers: Olga Mosina, Dmitriy Yakushevich
Technical Designer: Dmitriy Yakushevich
Account manager: Julia Bakulina

Categories: identity, packaging design, brand concept, naming, product design

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