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Rostelecom. February 23 Gift 2012

Rostelecom Ural

To create corporate gifts for Rostelecom VIP-clients on February 23. The gift should emphasize new company positioning after re-branding — bright, dynamic and modern brand character.

We followed the principles of the renewed company: think big, move forward, hear everyone. The slogan “More possibilities” — in this case means receiving something more than you have expected as a gift. New Rostelecom February 23 gifts should be truly masculine. What did all men dreamed about when they were children? Absolutely not about a tie, cologne, socks or pens; all these are stereotypes that we’re bored to death with. In order to surprise the recipient we’ve hidden something more under familiar things. A present for a real man are the sky, freedom, modern communication products that do not require wires, innovative technologies in everyday life.

Creative Director: Artem Shutov
Copywriter: Dmitriy Ardeyev
Designer: Alexander Burdin
Account Manager: Maria Potapova

Category: corporate gifts

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