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Ural-Press. 8th of March Gift 2013

Ural-Press subscription and delivery agency

To create an 8th of March gift that communicates the feeling of care and warm emotions of spring.

8th of March is the first holiday of spring, the time of awakening and renovation, foretaste of warmth and sun. In spring everything is filled with sunny and romantic emotions, creating a special mood – spring mood.

How do we create a spring mood? We need to communicate our admiration with women, and do so in the most romantic way possible – through poetry. We decided to use the most sincere form of poetry – blank verse. In addition to the poem we used a visual image. Willem Haenraets, a contemporary dutch artist, used clear and bright images combined with his traditionally “passionate” manner of work with color, creating the feeling of happiness and foretaste of warmth. The use of the art piece was agreed by the artist himself and by his agent, Intercontinental Licensing company (New York). We included in the present something that gives a burst of energy – a collection of elite teas, nuts and dried fruits. The gift set is complete with a booklet with the descriptions of useful properties and history of each of the components. What we created can be rightfully called a work of art that is capable of bringing up the most elevated and warm of emotions, no matter the temperature outside. “The clients receive our gifts and respond with warm and enthusiastic comments. We want to thank everyone who worked to make such great gifts” — said Tatiana Alehnovich, Ural-Press head of the subscription department.

Creative Director: Artem Shutov
Copywriters: Olga Obvintseva, Alexander Kuznetsov
Designer: Olga Mosina
Account Manager: Maria Potapova

Categories: packaging design, corporate gifts, promotion, product design

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