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Ural-Press. Corporate Identity 2012

Ural-Press subscription and delivery agency

To develop 20th anniversary corporate identity

Ural-Press celebrates 20 years of bringing fresh press to its subscribers. During this time the agency absorbed the spirit of journalism and publicism, and on its 20th anniversary it “tries on” the corporate identity and make-up of well-known newspapers and magazines.

Every medium adopted a unique element inherent to one of the famous issues. Calendars with crossword puzzles, folders with newspaper cut-outs, notebooks with famous magazine covers – all is in tune with the style of print media. At the same time, all media is informative: articles, headlines, covers – all carry interesting facts about Ural-Press. All in best traditions of mass media.

Creative Director: Artem Shutov
Copywriter: Dmitriy Ardeyev
Logo Design: Olga Mosina
Corporate Identity Design: Alexander Burdin
Account Manager: Maria Potapova

Categories: identity, promotion

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