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Bukvarius Company (Ural-Press Group)


«ukvarius, offering books and teaching aids for schools all over Russia, appeared in 2011. Requirements for Identity: creating an image of a modern, friendly, dynamic company focused on the needs of pupils, their parents and teachers.

The corporate identity had to turn the new brand into an integral part of school life, an active participant of the learning process. We solved this problem through the usage of traditional academic attributes in Bukvarius identity. Bright graphic solutions allowed to upgrade traditional images, emphasizing the modern nature of the company.Every element of visual identity combines learning and playing: paper bags are stylized as school bags, the presentation folder with the brand character on it reminds of drawing lessons, and humorous mnemonic rules on pocket calendars help one to learn rules better.

Short-list «White Square» 2012, «Corporate Identity» categoryShort-list «ADCR» 2012, «Corporate Identity and Branding» categoryShort-list, Festival «Red Apple» 2012, «Corporate Souvenirs» category