Shin-Line, Kazakhstan

Challenge :
We had a visitor from Kazakhstan, who wanted a story for his product. At that moment there had been just the name — Juicicks. Our goal was to create a legend for the character's name, which would be partially revealed on the packaging and later developed in comics, apps, souvenirs for kids and other promotional tools.

We came up with a story about the planet of juicics, which had been hit by a freezing asteroid. The planted, having turned into ice, could not sustain the impact and shattered into tiny ice particles. Frozen juicics had been captured inside of them. They needed to be rescued, and the Universe heard their call for help. An intergalactic ranger called Foxy hurried to the rescue. He defrosted pieces of the planet with his wondrous glove and went together with the juicics through all of the obstacles space in search of a new home for them.
Since the primary audience of the product are children aged from 6 to 12 years old, it is highly unlikely that they would be keen to associate themselves with sweet little juicics. However, the brave charismatic hero with superpowers, who is ready to storm into space and help those who are weak, can without a doubt become a role model.
That is how a child becomes engaged in interactive play, when he himself becomes the rescuer of the juicics by defrosting and eating the ice-cream.
Foxy in particular became the main emphasis of the product and also the main character of a mobile game, where he invites children to enjoy an ice-cream and ebark on a space journey.