«Kosov» Ltd.

To design a single trademark for diverse product range «economy» and «economy+».

Our client is a family run company with 20 years of history. The key idea of an umbrella brand, named after the founder of the company, is in trusting the manufacturer and guarantying the product quality. For consumer the surname on the packaging means personal interest, particular person and business's responsibility in general. In order to enhance the reputational effect. We decided, it would be beneficial to emphasize the ideas of masculinity and reliability. But at the same time we put it in a vivid emotional context. Our agency did the image designing of the brand from the ground up.

Balanced combination of quite strict «manly» logo in the classical font design with multi-layered pattern on a bright rich background became the main creative solution of the project. As the company is developing and focusing on expanding the product range, we had to unify each product's label design, keeping brand's recognition in all of the product categories.For this task's solution we chose fluid adaptive design with the ability the change the background and graphic elements, depending on the product line group. We used the culinary attributes, appropriate for each category, emphasizing associations with high quality, delicious home food. For example, a rolling pin on a pack of butter, fresh herbs and spices on mayonnaise and ketchup packages. The centre piece of all labels' identity is the contrasting logo, which works in favour of brand image's perception.The team managed to build a clear image of the brand — understandable and memorable — with a «masculine» character, but encapsulated in an emotional visual entourage. Optimal, as far as coulouristics and aesthetics go, the graphic solution allows you to keep a single style on different assets and to look spectacular on the shelves.