Навигация для офисного центра на Новодмитровской

We completed the development of wayfinding for the office and warehouse complex in Moscow
Our team has completed a project in the area of environmental design. This time we developed a wayfinding system for an office and warehouse complex on Novodmitrovskaya in Moscow, located about a couple of minutes away from Flacon design factory. Built in Soviet era five-story building, a former printing house, inherited a complex layout with intricate system of corridors and through passages, and then it was filled with mismatching signs of tenants. Our task was to organize logistics and put in order all the variety of signs and nameplates. As a result, we came up with a solution that serves as wayfinding not just for visitors, but also motorists. One of the uniqueness of the project is that the signs were selected in such way that their manufacturing and installation did not require significant investments. However, it does not diminish the wayfinding functionality at all.