"Zernitsa": delicious pasta packaging

A nontypical approach to the design of store brand pasta
The team of Brandiziac agency finished working on the design of packaging for pasta "Zernitsa", which is the brand of X5 Retail Group. It turned out to be a striking design, quite unusual for store brand. Art director of the project Ekaterina Shkraba explained why this kind of solution was chosen:

— The client wanted a trademark that could compete with well-known Russian brands, so we stepped away from the usual scanty design of store brands. We decided that the product itself should be the main character - a delicious pasta with sauce, which can be prepared from pasta products.

The packaging is divided into two sectors: one carries the image of the finished meal, and the other - the initial products. Sauce ingredients - sweet peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms and avocados - serve as differentiators.

Mouth-watering pasta catches the eye of buyers. The packaging seems to say: "Look how delicious it is! Here is some great pasta, and here's the recipe. Take and cook! "