'Fairytale Crimea': Modern take on myths and legends

«Travy Gornogo Krima» (Ukraine)

To create a unique herbal tea set packaging, "The Fairy tale Crimea", that should be a gift, a souvenir, reminiscent of a vacation, spent on the Crimean peninsula.

The Crimea is known for its historical and natural sights. But there is also another side of the Crimean history — the Crimean folklore, full of tales, legends and myths, which are carefully passed from mouth to mouth.The mountains, the sea, a typical Ukrainian little farm and funny animals — traditional folk tales characters — have inspired designers of Brandiziac to create illustrations, resembling stage scenery, where the New fairy tale of the Crimea is being played. We used three-dimensional applique technique, the execution of which required more than two weeks and over 1,000 hand cutouts.

Awards: Festival "White Square" 2012, «Label/Packing» categoryFestival «Red Apple» 2012, «Package design» category«Best Package of Russia» in 2012 (ADME)