Poetry and humour in a gift from SKB Bank


To create a gift book of single-line poems of Vladimir Vishnevsky for "SKB-bank" VIP-clients as a part of the bank's advertising concept for 2011-2012. In 2011 Brandiziac created an advertising campaign with children as the main characters. The unexpected combination of real, emotional live photos of children and well known single-line poems discloses the connection between child's reactions and banking services.

The cover illustration — cherries (rus. 'vishnya') in the jar (rus. 'banka'), and the rampageous name of the book reflect the connection between Vladimir Vishnevsky single-line poems and the bank's advertising campaign.We have included both — well-known and absolutely new children's images in the book.Book spreads are complemented by original illustrations. They reveal the sense and ambiguity of poems in a new way, and built on authors' nostalgic memories of their children's pranks.The original font emphasizes the nature of the illustrations.

Awards: Festival "White Square" 2012, «Multipage editions: catalogue of production, booklet, annual report, etc.» category