Ltd Talitsa Dairy Farms

To develop the packaging design for a new range of traditional dairy products of a brand, while maintaining brand awareness. To emphasise the unchanging strengths of the brand: natural raw materials, environmentally friendly production, fresh and high-quality products, faithfulness to tradition.

Idea \ Solution:
The Talitsa brand stands out for its long history of successful activities in the field of dairy production. Over the years, this brand has occupied its rightful place in the regional market and has won the trust of consumers a while ago. When launching a new product range, it was important to maintain this trust and, once again, prove to the consumers that it was justified. Our team tried to emphasise the naturalness of the product, loyalty to traditions and a high level of production with the packaging. We took the classic colours of the brand as the basis for the design of the new range - white, blue and green. They focus on the freshness and naturalness of the product. Alongside this, the traditional image of a cow, which is associated with dairy products, enhances consumer's credibility to the quality of the brand.
For the first time this classic image appeared on the labels of TM products. Throughout the history of the dairy industry the image of a cow is considered its personification, and it has been firmly entrenched in the subconscious of several generations of consumers as credible. Therefore, it does not lose its relevance and, without a doubt, emphasises the environmental friendliness of the product and its compliance with the required quality standards. Colour differentiation on the packaging and caps of dairy beverages allows the buyer to easily navigate the range of products by its type and fat content. This design solution has already proved itself successful in the previous ranges of the brand. High quality and traditions are the basis of both the products and the brand design.
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