Pattern for children's textiles and care in the identity of 'Our Masha'

Dairy Company «Molochnyi Kit»

To develop a packaging design for Nasha Masha range of dairy products. The packaging of each product would tell consumers that it is intended for babies over 8 months.

In order to emphasise the fact that Nasha Masha products are baby food, we used three basic methods: introduced an attractive brand character, used traditional fonts and colours, and also added characteristic decorative elements. Together with the client we chose charming cow Masha was as the brand character. She is funny, cute and friendly, reminding characters from children's fairy tales. Pastel shades of pink and blue are mostly associated with baby themes, and together with soft, almost plush fonts they create a feeling of tenderness, care and attention. Stylised images of bottles and rattles and a dot pattern remind of children's textiles, and reinforce the perception of Nasha Masha as safe and useful products for children, created specifically for babies.

Before creating cow Masha, we drew about twenty versions of cows.

After appearing on the market, the new brand quickly became successful thanks to the high quality of the products and packaging design, which was attractive for the target audience. The brand achieved the leading position in its category in the Sverdlovsk Region and, according to Nielsen research, in early 2015 it became one of the top five producers of baby milk in Russia.
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