'Tender Age': A time to give in to the urge to play

«Voronezh Dairy Factory» OJSC

To renew packaging design for dairy products trade-mark Nezhniy Vozrast (from Russian — Tender Age): to develop a logo, original brand characters and a differentiation system for various groups of products. Problems of the previous solution were an outdated logo, non-unique brand characters, the inability to adapt to the brand identity for all necessary package types.

Nezhniy Vozrast is trade-mark of dairy products for baby food by «Voronezh Dairy Factory» OJSC («Molvest» group of companies), one of the largest dairy producers in Central Russia, guaranteeing constant quality for their products. The brand-line consists of products as for personal child consumption and for family consumption (finnpack 800g). The core values of the brand are child care and sincerity. That is why the basis of design idea is an illustration involving brand characters — two leverets, brother and sister. The are funny and treat each other with tenderness, play games, come up with a variety of entertainment. The updated logo also supports «hare» theme — ears create playfulness for corporate shape with a name. For product differentiation we developed a system of two levels. Product groups differ from each other with packing types and illustrations subjects, for different SKU within the group introduced color differentiation.

Dairy products Nezhniy Vozrast appeared with a new design on the supermarket's shelves in July 2014 — the original, modern packaging attracts the attention of customers, distinguishes the products of OJSC «Voronezh Dairy Plant» from competitors.

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