Make a wish:
special series
for Ural-Press

Ural-Press Group of Companies

We have already created several collections of corporate gifts for the Ural-Press subscription agency, our regular client. They contacted us again to develop an annual gift set for their customers. Our task was to make not just a classic set, but really nice souvenirs which convey the immersion into a dream atmosphere.

Idea / Solution:
This year we proposed to make dreams the main gift theme. It would be small stories in the form of uniquely designed pencil illustrations about how great it is to soar in the clouds and reminisce about your childhood desires. Each month the slogan "May your dreams come true" is supplemented with a new plot in the calendar. So, on the page of August there is a boy, who saw a shooting star while sitting on a hill and of course made a wish that would come true "... in an instant." We filled the illustrations with recognisable and cute symbols associated with dreams: a lucky ticket, a lilac flower with five petals, sky lanterns, a rainbow, a coincidence of hours and minutes on an electronic dial.
From idea to production - everything was done by our team. The gift set includes antistress colouring, desk and wall calendars, a postcard and coloured pencils. There was a mandatory requirement which was also fulfilled - there had to be something tasty included in the gift. Therefore, we added marshmallows to the main set, as light and airy as dreams.

The result was a gift - not from a faceless corporation, but from friends who had taken great care of creating cheerful mood in advance. Dreams can come true at any time of year, which means that this set can be presented for any occasion, even for no reason at all.
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